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Taxi Cab Questions

Below you can find a few taxi cab questions that our drivers have been asked, as well as our answers. Hopefully you can find the answer you’re looking for. If you have questions that weren’t here or would like to know more, please contact us.

Q: What is your pick-up/drop-off area?
A: We are based in Myrtle Beach proper. Unfortunately, we do not service the larger Grand Strand area at this time.

Q: What are your fare rates?
A: We follow the City of Myrtle Beach regulations of a $1.50 drop rate and $2.80 per mile. Rest assured we will follow the quickest route to your destination and you will only be charged the most fair cab fare when riding with Broadway Taxi of Myrtle Beach.

Q: How large of a group can you transport?

Q: Do you provide any services besides a cab ride?
A: Absolutely!
• If you’re a first time visitor we can give you a sightseeing tour customized to your interests.
• If you’re a new resident to town we can help you learn the short cuts before you commute on your own.
• If you’re traveling by air you can schedule a pick up and/or drop off at Myrtle Beach International Airport.
• If you’re just looking for something to do with your free time just ask your driver! We will always have suggestions!

Q: Do you have any female drivers?
A: Yes! We know that some women prefer to have a woman taxi driver for safety and security reasons. We have a few women drivers – all you have to do is ask!

Q: How often do the vehicles in your fleet receive maintenance checks?
A: Our fleet of vehicles are mechanically inspected each year, and receive routine maintenance checks every 10 to 14 days. Also, once a month each vehicle receives a tune up.